How to Invest in Akoin on Bittrex Global 2020

The amazing cryptocurrency Akoin (AKN) inspired by the Grammy Singer Akon is launching today (November 11th) at 11:11 AM PST, or 7:11 PM UTC according to official statements from the official team. The first listing of Akoin will be with Bittrex Global. All Akoin fans are more than excited about this news and are looking for where to buy the prestigious Akoins they are emotional about. The following article will describe how users can sign up for a Bittrex Global account and invest in their first AKN tokens!

  1. Sign up for an account with Bittrex Global
  2. Complete KYC/AML
  3. Add Funds to Bittrex Global Wallet
  4. Purchase/Invest AKN

1. Signing up to Bittrex Global

Navigate to 👉 Bittrex Global;

  1. From here you will have to select the type of account you’d like to create. Either a Personal or Business Account you will have to choose. With respect to your choice of account, you will have to fill in some basic personal information such as your email, password, and others if needed.
  2. To avoid confusion between having a Username and Email, your email will serve as your username. Once you’ve filled out the initial information requested, click “Create Account”.
  3. At this point in the process, you will be sent an email to verify the address belongs to you. Open the email and click “Verify Email”.
  4. You will then be asked for some additional basic information including First and Last Names. When you’re ready to move on, press Continue. Now it’s time to verify your account through the Bittrex Global KYC/AML process.

2. Completing KYC/AML

This is the simplest and complicated part of this process. If you follow the instructions carefully you will not have any problems and will be done in a few minutes else it becomes complicated. That notwithstanding if you are having any trouble we are here to help contact us via email at 👉

  1. Login to your account, and click on “Account” in the upper right corner of the Navigation Bar.
  2. Find the “Identity Verification” section and click “Start Verification”.
  3. Now you should see a page asking to select your country of origin and provide a form of identification to verify your identity.
  4. You will be required to provide pictures of your ID, which can be captured through your mobile device or a webcam
    If you don’t have a webcam, you can click “Switch to Mobile” to continue the process on your phone, and capture images of your ID via the phone camera.
  5. After submitting your ID, it should take a few moments for the Bittrex Global system to process your information. If your verification is approved you will be directed back to your Identity Verification Screen.

If there were any errors while attempting to verify your account, you will be made aware of them now.

3. Add Funds to Your Bittrex Global Wallet

Now, after all the stress from verification, here is some relief. Once your verification process has been completed, it’s time to fund your account! 😉

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click “Holdings”. You’ll find it in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Search for the wallet you’re going to deposit to, to purchase AKN, it will be either USDT or BTC.
  3. Once you’ve found and clicked on the wallet you want to deposit to, click on “Deposit”, which you can find under the Actions tab.
  4. Then, copy your wallet address, if you don’t have a wallet address then click ‘Generate new wallet address’.

Do not forget to read the coin deposit instructions as they are very important and they guide you on how to make the deposit. Making a mistake at this point might cost you your funds or difficult to recover. Send BTC or USDT to your Bittrex Global account.

4. Investing in Akoin AKN

Great! Because you have made it this far, I think you deserve a glass of natural juice (I mean… it is natural and healthy. What else could you wish for?). With funds in your Bittrex Account, you’re ready to invest in your first AKN tokens. Search for Akoin or AKN on Bittrex Global and you will find our available trading pairs.

Navigate to the pair you’d like to trade, fill in the required information, and you will be able to buy AKN tokens!

Now, buying Akoin is the First Step, investing and trading is what you plan to do after getting these akoins.

5. Difference between Investing and Trading

I know most users or crypto users are confused about this. So, I want to clear things out for everybody. Below is a table to illustrate this.

Differences and Similarities between Investing and Trading.
Similarities1) They both require the asset or currency to be bought. In this case Akoins. So you must buy Akoins in order to Trade or Invest.

2) They both involve Buying and Belling of the asset or currency.

1) They both require the asset or currency to be bought. In this case Akoins. So you must buy Akoins in order to Trade or Invest.

2) They both involve Buying and Selling of the asset or currency.

Differences1) The Frequency of Buying and Belling is Low.
2) The Interval between each successful Buy and Sell is relatively longer.
1) The Frequency of Buying and Belling is High.
2) The Interval between each successful Buy and Sell is relatively Shorter.