How to Buy Akoin on Bittrex Global 2020

What is Akoin?

How much is Akoin Worth?

How much is AKOIN worth?

Asking – How much is Akoin worth?
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Here is a chart with the historical price movements. These price movements are computed as the opening price of the coin on each of the five days and the closing price of the coin on the corresponding date.

Akoin is currently in a correction period that is anticipated to end in a few weeks with significant price movement upward.

Akoin closed at 0.0233660 BTC, which is 20.5% lower than the opening price of 0.0242202 BTC.

We are also now seeing some significant capital inflows into Akoin Vault, which further bolsters the investment case for the coin.


Akoin is a promising Altcoin that has great potential to become one of the top altcoins in the Bitcoin and Ethereum led environment. Akoin is actively involved in the development of the security space and the tech of the ecosystem and is one of the most active of the coins in the space. We expect a price correction before we see significant price movement upward.

There is a silver lining to this correction, as it will allow Akoin holders to take advantage of the increased liquidity in the markets to boost their portfolio value. We expect the price to increase in the coming months with the launch of the tokenized exchange as well as the expansion of Akoin Vault.

Akoin is still undervalued and has tremendous potential as an investment in the security space. We recommend accumulating at 0.0069303 BTC or 0.0122050 BTC or lower.

Can you Buy Akoin

Can I Buy AKOIN?

Can I buy Akoin has been asked multiple times ever since the announcement.

The Akoin Utility Token is available within the Akoin Multi-Currency wallet for exchange between all DApp / App offerings and within the local market, including prepaid minute conversion (a major store of value in Africa), direct service payments (ie utility, mobile, etc) and the ability to convert into local currency; all creating a strong value proposition for early adopters and users of the Akoin platform.

The Akoin Utility Token will be the main source of token-based incentives within the entire Akoin ecosystem. All Akoin utility and goods provided by vendors to their users (ie merchants, app developers) will be paid in Akoin. For the consumer, Akoin utility and goods will be paid in their local currency, providing a significant incentive for users to convert their Akoin utility tokens into local currency.

Akoin Utility Tokens

Akoin Utility Tokens will be provided as a part of the Akoin ecosystem, and will only be purchased using a mobile wallet and QR code. Accessible via a simple “Buy” / “Get” function within the wallets, as well as within the different Akoin wallets.

Akoin allows utility tokens to be paid in the local currency or mobile money, directly on the merchant’s blockchain network. This feature will create greater efficiencies and a more transparent marketplace for both merchants and consumers.

Akoin has introduced the concept of the utility token, which allows the holder to receive compensation for using an application or product. The token will be an incentive, enabling users to purchase goods or receive a service from an app or vendor, directly through the app, with a fiat transfer.

Utility tokens will be used as the only token used within the Akoin ecosystem. Utility tokens will be used for general purchasing, as well as for discounts and services which are available exclusively through the app. All other types of tokens will not be allowed, because of the large regulatory compliance needed.

Utility Tokens are not intended to be used as a means of exchange in any transactions between app and consumer. It is the intention of Akoin to create an app-like environment where utilities are paid in the local currency. In this sense, it is a utility token rather than a currency.

Consumers will be able to see how much value is owed and purchase it using a simple QR code scanner. The app will give all users a chance to redeem tokens from their wallets so that they can be used to pay for goods and services.

How much does Akon City cost

How much is AKON CITY worth?

How much does Akon City cost has been the trending question in the cryptocurrency world.

The Senegalese-American RnB singer Akon has just announced the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of the green and futuristic Akon City in western Senegal.

This mega real estate project is being implemented by the American companies KE International and Bakri & Associates Development Consultants. The 1,200-acre futuristic development project will be located in the suburb of Dakar.

It will offer more than 17,000 housing units and leisure facilities including parks, recreational zones, and schools report Rolling Stone.

A location for the project has not been disclosed, but it is said that many areas in the nearby West International City have been acquired for the project.

The Akon City project also includes a 1,200-acre entertainment resort and theme park. Once completed, the project will have an amusement park, a marina, and a mall.

“My vision is to bring Africa and its people together in a peaceful and harmonious state of coexistence,” said Akon. “Dakar is the new space for all people to share and benefit from. From investors to artists, this is the perfect place to make your fortune. You can create a legacy for generations to come.”

According to Complex, Akon is not only investing $1.5 billion into the project, but he is also planning to own a 42-acre beachfront development in New Orleans, Louisiana, known as the City of Roses, when it is completed in five years. The project cost is about $300 million and will be developed by Edenbrook Development.

The City of Roses will be located across from Gentilly Marina. Besides residential development, Akon is also building a retail center, hotel, and restaurant.

The Konvict record label founder recently bought the mansion of a blues singer and philanthropist in Florida.

Akon and his wife looked to buy the 19th-century manse in the Spanish moss-draped “Old City” neighborhood for $4.65 million. According to the real estate listings on The Real Deal, the mansion has 19,000 square feet of interior space.

However, no news about his possible relationship with Britney Spears has surfaced after the two were seen dancing together at the MTV Video Music Awards. The two were spotted in the VIP section of the awards ceremony, where Akon is a music executive.

There’s Akon City on board. The Senegalese-American RnB singer Akon’s real estate project was recently launched in the vicinity of Mbodième, a small coastal village in western Senegal. The artist recently held a press briefing in the Senegalese capital of Dakar to announce the launch of this Wakanda-inspired sustainable construction project, the name of a fictitious African kingdom setting the scenario for Marvel Studios’ superhero film Black Panther.

The artist Akon, called Badara Akon Thiam, took advantage of his press briefing to speak about the expense of the project, which amounts to $6 billion, or almost 80% of the 2020 budget of Senegal ($7.6 billion). One-third of the budget is already open, according to an RnB star. Work on the ground will commence in the first quarter of 2021 under the guidance of KE International, an American company.

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